This process is very simple and typically pick-ups can occur within 24 hours. For the most part, items are picked up quickly and free of charge, as long as items are gently used and in good condition or can be transformed and/or repurposed. If you have items that need to be dumped, there will be a small fee for this service. Although we aim to offer friendly, convenient services, we may not always be able to accommodate dumping of certain items.


Selling of Items


Are you looking for unique items to spruce up your décor or good quality furnishings at a great value? Look no further! Below is a sampling of some of the merchandise that we have to offer. Look for us online at sites like 5 Mile and Let Go. Also, shop with us in person at places such as Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas, as well as other venues. We will offer monthly updates as to where you can find us locally on this page of our website. Please visit our website and this page often to see some of our new items and learn where you can find us locally. Click on the picture for more info about the item.

About Us

Thank you for visiting EVB Texas, a division of EVB and Associates. EVB Texas was created to be the helping branch of EVB and Associates. EVB Texas is designed to help lighten the load of others. EVB Texas helps to repurpose, whenever possible, furnishings that are no longer of use or service due to owners downsizing, rightsizing, moving on… or whatever the case might be. We will make sure that the furnishings go to a good home with a percentage of the proceeds going toward worthy causes. EVB Texas is not a designated non-profit. However, EVB Texas believes in helping those in need, paying it forward, and donating to various charitable causes.

Other Services

EVB and Associates also offers space design and planning for those who are downsizing or rightsizing; in addition, to other consulting services.

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